• Time-Tree is used in more than 20 tracks in Europe
  • Every year there is a Time-Tree academy held in Stockholm/Sweden

Time-Tree hardware

TimeTree front with photocell display.

TimeTree back

Many different types of trees!

Time-Tree measures as follows:
Reaction, 60-fot, 100, 201, 301 and 402m
(RT, 60, 330, 660, 1000 and 1320 feet)

Speed: 100, 201, 301 and 402m
(330, 660, 1000 and 1320 feet)

Automatic control of cameras during broadcast (webb)

Outstanding ATM for time slip

Internet access via satellite, for results reporting and broadcast.


Many different types of scoreboards
LED and mechanical

Mini scoreboards for Dial-in and Index.


Photo cell incl. holders and connection cable

Reflector holder with unique attachment. Hit and broken holder is changed in less than 15 sec.